Beginners guide to finding the best affordable hearing aids machine

Searching for the best affordable hearing aids machine can be a challenging task, especially if you are a first-timer. That’s why we have created this simple guide that details how you can find good quality hearing aids at an affordable price.


According to WHO, 6.3% Indian population suffer from auditory loss! Most of those 63 million people are adults, who start suffering partial deafness. While most people get used to hearing loss without giving it the necessary treatment, we are glad you decided to do something about it.



Being a trusted hearing aid service provider, we consider it necessary to educate you about hearing aid prices so that you make an informed decision. So, let’s begin without further ado.


Are Hearing Aids Costly?


It all boils down to what your needs are!


In the market, you can get hearing aids between Rs 6000- Rs 3,00,000/ piece.


Consider the pricing based on this: the more robust the technology used, the higher will be the price.


Yet, the figure mentioned isn’t the only thing that goes into the final price of hearing aids. While most professionals bundle the whole pricing into one package including consultation, initial fitting, customization and follow up adjustments, others might not follow the same procedure.


Nowadays, most clinics unbundle the offering, providing the option to use different services, payable separately. Here’s what’s more to the story:


Consultation Cost- In case of an unbundled package, you’d need to pay a separate fee to your audiologist for a hearing test & opinion. The basic fee ranges between Rs 1000-2000 bucks.

  • Customization Cost- Depending on the technology picked, the hearing aid might need further customization to fit into your ear canal. This too adds to the cost.


  • Cleaning, loss & damage warranty- This includes safety against loss, damages, repairs and cleaning services for your hearing aids.


Hearing aids might feel like an expensive investment but they’re WORTH IT, given the consequences of not wearing them.


Untreated hearing loss impacts your social life, health and leads to emotional decline. It reduces your mental alertness and makes you less productive in your daily life.



Keys to find the best affordable hearing aids machine


Should price be the only deciding factor for choosing the best hearing aids?


You shouldn’t get carried away with the cost of what you’re buying. Find one that fits your budget, satisfies your needs and gives you the desired quality.


Here’s how you can find an affordable hearing aids machine that you can rely on to cope with hearing loss.


  • Take Professional Help: Most people take references or buy hearing aids from their audiologist. An audiologist knows better than everyone the right fit for your ear, given the intensity of your hearing impairment.


But, don’t put blind faith in your audiologist as they might try to sell you an expensive machine for monetary gains. Do your own research. Don’t just take their word for it!


  • Talk to others with the same ailment: Know someone else facing hearing loss? Try getting in touch with those who are already facing the same ailment as they’ll provide you with an unbiased opinion about the price, affordability, comfort and more.


You’ll get a first-hand opinion of their experience with different products. Talking to such individuals will help you make an informed decision.


  • Conduct your research: If the above two points didn’t help in finding the perfect hearing aids, do some research of your own. There are plenty of useful results available online. So, go online and perform research before buying the hearing aid.


To get effective results, use the right set of keywords. E.g. if you’re looking for affordable hearing aids, use keywords such as, ‘best affordable hearing aids machine’ for best results. If you’re looking for a company that provides all such services, search ‘hearing aid service provider’ for valuable results.


Take help from a trusted hearing aid service provider


There’s no better advice than a professional’s advice!


Taking help from a professional service provider will help you get the best hearing aid machine for your hearing loss.


If you are looking for a credible hearing aid service provider, choose Ear Hear. Our expert audiologists use the latest technology to identify your problem and suggest suitable treatment and hearing aid suggestions; at an affordable price.


Final Words


Hearing aid technology has come a long way! What would have cost you a fortune earlier is now available at an affordable offering. Also, you get to choose a variety of factors like technology, style, cost, comfort and more. So, don’t stay behind!


Say YES to living a quality life by getting the best affordable hearing aid machine today!


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