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Ear Machine Basics: Know All about Ear Machines

Loss of hearing can have a significant impact on your life, affecting your work, well being, and even your relations. Thus, to recover the loss, ear machines can make a huge difference. All that you need to do is select the right one and get proper help while adjusting them.

What are Ear Machines or Hearing Aids?


A Hearing Aid is thus, a tiny electronic device wore behind or in the ear. It makes the sounds louder, making it easy for the person with hearing loss to listen, participate in the conversation and communicate their ideas. This can thus help them in both noisy and quiet situations.


But research says that only two out of ten people are only getting the actual use and benefits of the ear machine.


A hearing aid has three essential parts, an amplifier, a microphone, and a speaker. These three thus work in the following way:


  • The device receives sound with the help of a microphone.
  • A microphone converts these sound waves to electrical signals and sends them to the receiver through an amplifier.
  • The amplifier then increases the signal power and sends it to the receiver’s ear through a speaker.


How do Hearing Aids Help?

Not everyone suffering from hearing loss can have the benefits from ear machines. Only 10% of the people can have the improvement earing the device. Mostly, these are for the people who have damage in their inner ear parts of the nerves linking the brain and ear.

These damages thus come from:


  • Aging,
  • Disease,
  • Medications,
  • And Loud Noises.


Hearing loss because of the problems or damage in the middle ear, eardrum, or ear canal is known as conductive hearing loss. In this, surgeries are the most recommended options to make the patient better. But these two are not the ideal option for all. In case of an open ear canal or normal external ear, an ear machine can help.


Some people are thus born with the ear canal or external ear, which does not mean they have any problem. They need not use any typical hearing aid. A Simple device can also work in these cases.


How to Get an ear machine?


If you do not have any contact or links for an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Doctor, go to your regular doctor and ask them to share the connection. Or else, you can also search out for best hearing aid machine in India. These are thus the specialists who can treat and evaluate your hearing losses.


The ENT will do the workings on their end to know the reason behind the trouble. An Audiologist will also do the tests to see the type of hearing loss you’re suffering from and how worse the same is.


After all their tests and investigations, these will provide you with an ear machine, only if you need one. Please do not go for mail order hearing aids, as they do not fit well and improve the sound density.


Styles and Types of Hearing Aids:


 An audiologist will thus figure out which hearing aid will work the best for you and inform you about the unique features you will need. Here, WHO describe all about deafness and hearing loss which can help you to know how this issue is important for you. The suitable device will depend on the following factors:


  • Your Age,
  • Your Lifestyle,
  • Cost as these devices have substantial price differences,
  • The type of hearing loss you are suffering,
  • How severe is the loss?
  • And how well you can manage with these devices.


There are two types of ear machines:


  • Analog Hearing Aids:

This converts the sound into electrical signals, making them louder though. These are relatively less expensive and have more straightforward controls.

  • Digital Hearing Aids:

These thus convert the sound waves into numerical codes and amplify them. These codes have information about the sound directions, volume, and pitch. This makes it easier to adjust the sound according to the places. The cost for these is relatively high, but the results of the same are much better.

 Adjusting and Caring Tips for Hearing Aids: 


Ear Machines will thus not make you hear. Instead, they will make you aware of the sounds and their sources. You need to be patient while getting one and go for the best fit for the trial period.


If the device doesn’t work well for you, you will be eligible to claim partial refunds and go on for a better fit.



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